Mezcalendar Day 3: Alipun San Baltazar

Day three and Joven number 3; Alipun San Baltazar. Another espadin joven from small producers. A difference here seems to be fermentation in pine VATs, lets see if that gives any flavour difference.

2015-12-03 20.31.16Steve reckons there’s earthy molasses and pear skin on the nose whilst Daisy picked up toffee and vanilla, alongside a medicinal whisky like smokiness. Adding water doesn’t do much for the aroma, making it seem more chemical/ plasticky.

Taste wise there’s a lot of smoke action, quite phenolic like a high PPM peaty whisky with a sweet and ashen finish. Daisy picked up some woody notes which could come from fermentation vessels. Contrary to aroma a touch of water brings out a peppermint note which is rather pleasant.

Verdict: This would make a good cocktail mixer but a little brash to be truly enjoyable by itself

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