Mezcalendar Day 2: QuiQuiRiQui

2015-12-02 17.20.44
Isambark Kingdom Brunel inspecting the Mezcal…

Back again with day number the second of this very adult advent. Today’s door revealed the mellifluously named QuiQuiRiQui, from the San Juan Del Rio region. This is a mountainous area, producing agaves within a different microclimate or terroir and therefore a different taste. Its an unaged (joven) expression and is made entirely of the commonly used Espadin species of agave. Double distilling in a copper pot still also contributes to its flavour.

2015-12-02 19.35.23

Enough of the technical stuff; how is it to drink?!

There’s a volatile punchy floral perfumed aroma with undercurrents of mace and fresh cut grass. Fairly dry and woody, with an ashen paper note to taste, with a peppery spicey finish. Its 48% ABV gives it the impression of sweetness on the tongue and adding water brings out more of a smoky star anise note. Daisy found it to be quite sweet with an alcoholic warmth, which would probably lend it the ability to mix well in drinks.

Verdict: This one has enough of interest that it would certainly be a contender for mixology purposes, especially given its reasonable price tag. The bottle design looks pretty groovy too.