Mexcalendar Day 5: Los Danzantes Anejo

Day five sees a change of pace with he first aged or anejo expression, from Los Danzantes in Oxaca. This particular one has had 16 months in oak barrels.

The wood 2015-11-12 19.25.24ageing has given it a lovely pale golden hue and its pretty viscous with the legs of the spirit clinging resolutely to the sides of the glass. There’s an earthy damp wood aroma, lightly vegetal with an underlying sage herbality. In the mouth its pretty perfumed with oaky vanilins, perhaps overpoweringly so & quite a light smokiness. It finishes quite heavy, with sticky sherry-like umami oxidation notes.


2015-11-12 19.48.14

Its fairly tough going as straight drink due to the level of wood character, but this means it should hold its own in a cocktail. I like the sound of this cocktail for example, but we decided to try a Mezcal Old Fashioned, substituting Agave Syrup for the sugar with orange bitters instead of Angostora. This worked quite well, but I think the dilution effect of the ice helped to be honest.

Verdict probably not a contender for cocktails as it doesn’t have the versatility of a joven and we wouldn’t want to drink it unmixed.