Kicking Things Off

Steve & Daisy

Welcome one and all to our new blog, Drinks We’ve Known. Steve has been writing his other blog (Beers I’ve Known) for two and a half years now and Daisy has had to put up with chipping in from the sidelines. This is no longer the case because with this new blog we can both take a share of the posts between us.

Beers I’ve Known seemed to be heading away a bit from its original purpose of beer & cider related things to include whisky, cocktails and even gin! All of those drinks will find their home here along with anything else that takes our fancy. Expect travel tales, food and drink pairing, pub and bar visits and anything else that comes to mind! Drink doesn’t necessarily mean alcohol of course; so expect tea, coffee, juice and even soft drinks to find their place. But it’ll probably mostly be travel and cocktails. And cheese if Steve gets carried away.

You can follow us on twitter @drinksweveknown, though Steve will still mostly be active on @beersiveknown.


Please join in with the discussion!

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